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V4 Services

Delivery of savings and better outcomes through commissioning and procurement

Service Overview
Overview of services
Effective commissioning and procurement enables limited resources to be aligned to the delivery of strategic objectives and outcomes.

We work with our clients to ensure their key priorities are met through the development of high performing commissioning and procurement functions.

Our services include:
  • Understanding need through insight, data analytics and business intelligence
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Solution design
  • Management of high value, strategic commissioning and procurement
  • Demand, category and contract management
  • Savings delivery
  • Procurement function reviews
  • Options and business case development
  • Best practice systems and processes

Browse our case studies to see the outcomes we've delivered.
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Contract Management Training
Supporting your teams to manage contracts
Typically 90 per cent of a council’s third-party spend is with 20% of its suppliers. With this level of public expenditure and responsibility for delivery, it’s critical that client-side teams are well equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to develop effective
supplier relationships, manage risk, manage budgets, drive efficiencies and innovation and negotiate contract changes in response to changing need.

The costs invested in good contract management far outweigh the costs of not getting it right. Our contract management workshop provides a complete overview of what you need to know to effectively manage a contract.

Whether it’s leisure management, waste and recycling, provision of social care services, facilities management – the same
principles apply.
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Transforming business
Case Studies

A range of case studies are available for you to browse. If you're interested in more information please call us.